Changing the Bending Schedule Logo

How to change the bending schedule logo in Padds?

Padds ships with three bending schedule templates; BS_Prokon1.PAD, BS_Prokon2.PAD, BS_Prokon3.PAD. With the default installation, these files reside in c:\prokon\user.

All three include a PROKON logo in the title block. In most cases, you would want to edit this to reflect your company’s details. To edit a bending schedule template:

  • In Padds, go to File > Open
  • Navigate to the template file
  • Select the template file and click Open
  • From the Block menu, use the Box command to select the entities that you want to delete
  • Press Delete to remove the entities from the drawing
  • To add a new logo, go to File > Insert Raster Image
  • Navigate to the image file
  • Select the template file and click Open
  • Pick the first and then the second corner of the image
  • The image should now be displayed on the drawing
  • Continue to add more details are desired
  • Save the template file

Note: Supported image formats are BMP, JPG, GIF, EMF, and WMF