Installing PROKON

How do I install PROKON?

PROKON software can be installed on a stand-alone computer, or on a network for sharing between multiple users. This guide explains how to download and install the latest version of PROKON on a personal computer. Installing PROKON on a server is similar.

1. Download the setup package

2. Double-click on ProkonSetup5.exe to start the installation

3. Click Next to proceed

4. Read the license agreement select the first option if you agree and click Next

5. Enter your registered email address and click Next

6. Click Next to confirm the installation directory

7. Click Next to confirm the shortcut folder

8. Click Next to proceed with the installation

9. Wait for the installation to complete

10. Click Finish to exit the installer

Note: If any of the modules you wish to use are not included in your license agreement, contact your local reseller to request a trial license.